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Spec Ops Technology is a leader in C4ISR and has expertise in ground, coastal, and critical infrastructure surveillance to include the design and installation of large area Electro-Optical/Infrared systems, ground and maritime surveillance and security radar systems, unattended ground sensors, fence and entry alerts and alarms, and integrating the array of multi-sensors with communications links to a central command and control facility. Spec Ops Technology will integrate diverse technologies from a wide array of OEMs into a seamless ISR network array to provide the ultimate solution for its fixed wing, rotary wing, ground vehicle, ground surveillance, border, critical infrastructure, and maritime/coastal customers.

Spec Ops Technology is an Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems designer, integrator, and installer specializing in Airborne, Ground, Maritime, Border/Coastal, and Critical Infrastructure environments. Spec Ops Technology has extensive experience in the design and integration of airborne surveillance systems on jet, propeller, and rotary aircraft to include stabilized multi-sensor payloads, radar systems, moving maps, digital recorders, sensor and command workstations, Line-of-Sight and Non Line-of-Sight wideband data links, and tactical communications.

In a world of fast advancing technology, you need a partner that will maintain interoperability. We use industry standards and best practices to allow the user to quickly scale and upgrade the most complicated of systems.

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